WEBCAST: Internet Days Conference underway in Stockholm #ETNO #WCIT #netneutrality

The annual Internet Days Conference is underway in Stockholm (Oct 22-24 2012). There is a live webcast, most of which – but not all – is in Swedish. Stockholm is 6 hours ahead of NYC, or UTC+2.

Jan Flodin of ISOC-SE is conducting a session on Net Neutrality on Wednesday at 15:10 (0910EDT|1310UTC) in which he will skype in ETNO President Luigi Gambardella. This session has its own twitter tag #ind12nn for submitting comments and questions.

What: Internet Days Conference
Where: Stockholm Waterfront, Sweden
When: October 22-24 2012
Program: http://www.internetdagarna.se/nyheter/sv-livesandningar
Webcast: http://bambuser.com/channel/stiftelsen
Twitter: #ind12