Social Research Conference @ New School Feb 24-26 Limiting Knowledge in a Democracy

Social Research Conference

Social Research Conference: Limiting Knowledge in a Democracy.

The central question asked by this proposed conference is, where is America today with respect to the limits on our access to information, limits on what we can keep confidential and what the government and other institutions can keep secret? How can the public gain access to information and how do we decide what information is a citizen’s right to know? What information endangers individuals’ or the country’s wellbeing and safety? Are the ever-increasing number of technological innovations fundamentally transforming what we can know and what we cannot? What can remain confidential and what cannot? On the one hand, technology has aided access to information and knowledge to broader and broader communities, thus eroding limits, while on the other hand, technologies are increasingly used by governments, businesses, and other social institutions to monitor and interfere with what we can know and cannot know and what is private and what is not.

Co nference ticket is $35. Sessions are $8. Students are free. The ubiquitous Zittrain will speak.