WEBCAST: ION Ljubljana live now #sloipv6 #IONConf @deploy360 #IPv6

deploy 360An ION Conference is taking place today 19 October 2012 co-located with the Slovenian IPv6 Summit in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on. ION Ljubljana provides hands-on DNSSEC training and high-level discussions related to IPv6 and DNSSEC to IT professionals, business leaders, and technology providers. There is a live webcast. Ljubljana is 6 hours ahead of NYC

What: ION Ljubljana
When: 19 October 2012 0900-1300 CEST | 0700-1100 UTC | 0300-0700 EDT
Program: http://www.internetsociety.org/deploy360/ion/ljubljana2012/agenda/
Webcast: http://www.arnes.si/storitve/multimedijske-storitve/videoprenosi/prenos-ipv6-srecanja.html
Twitter: #sloipv6 | #IONConf


The webcast of the IPv6 Summit is at https://video.arnes.si/portal/advanced-search.zul?type=keywords&value=sloipv6