Why ICANN Nairobi Security Concerns May Be a Blessing in Disguise

With its next meeting just weeks away ICANN has published a US Department of State report that lists the venue,  a conference centre in Nairobi, Kenya, itself as a specific threat from a Somalian insurgency group, Al-Shabaab. In response, a number of Internet companies have already announced they are pulling their people.

Former ICANN General Manager of Public Participation Kieren McCarthy, in a Circle ID article opines that there may be a silver lining to this problem:

1) if the meeting goes forward – remote participation will have to become efficacious.

2) if the meeting is cancelled
a) it’s possible better progress can be made on the two over-arching issues to be discussed.
b) a lot of money will be saved.
c) it will reinforce the increasing sentiment that 3 big meetings a year is too much anyway.