Vint Cerf speaks out on Internet Censorship at #F2C and in @NYTimes #wcit #itrs #netfreedom

In a New York Times Op-Ed today, Keep the Internet Open Vint Cerf expands on one of the themes of his keynote earlier in the week at the F2C:Freedom to Connect Conference (see video below). He notes the increasing tendency of governments to censor the Internet, and that Russia and several other countries intend to use the upcoming ITU WCIT meeting in Dubai in December to push for new regulations that will severely impact the Internet’s independence, and the freedoms of its users. Vint notes that this new regulatory regime is being constructed clandestinely and will be voted by countries, not netizens. He concludes:

The decisions taken in Dubai in December have the potential to put government handcuffs on the Net. To prevent that — and keep the Internet open and free for the next generations — we need to prevent a fundamental shift in how the Internet is governed.

I encourage you to take action now: Insist that the debate about Internet governance be transparent and open to all stakeholders.

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