New book: ‘Net neutrality: towards a co-regulatory solution’

Author Christopher T. Marsden writes:

The book is available as a Creative Commons download, is 300 pages with a 30 page bibliography and 25 pages of notes, and I would urge those interested to view it:

There may be some confusion as to what is meant in Europe by co-regulation, perhaps I can recommend:

The book warns readers that this is a complex issue capable of much misinterpretation by those lobbying for one side or another, hence the book takes a middle way. I expected that to cause some excitement in those who prefer their policy to be black or white, but as with so many communications policy areas, there is much grey and should be much room for reasonable people to find middle ground. For instance, information transparency for consumers, via a process of co-regulation, is the approach adopted in Europe, including by such agencies as Ofcom in the UK. I recommend their approach:

Net neutrality in Europe: ‘Net neutrality: towards a co-regulatory solution’ released by Bloomsbury.