“we are heading into a world where copyright has no value..” IFPI report

http://www.ifpi.org/content/library/DMR2010.pdf p.21

“The music industry was hit first, but now with increased broadband you have a situation where all the creative industries are at a tipping point” says Simon Renshaw, Los Angeles-based manager of a long list of major artists including the Dixie Chicks. “You can see it in the collapsing DVD market; you can see what’s going on in TV, newspapers and magazines. And now we’re seeing the same thing in the book publishing business and you’re going to start seeing piracy of novels and reference books.” Renshaw passionately believes that the stakes involved go far wider than the music industry. “What I worry about is that we are heading into a world where copyright has no value and where there’s no incentive for anyone to provide patronage and support for the creators of intellectual property.”