Wiki Analysis – Wikipedia astroturfing detection tool

An Indian duo–a programmer and a mathematician–have developed a tool to
expose anonymous writers and cleanse Wikipedia of rogue editors

An American team based out of the Santa Fe Institute, US, has developed
WikiScanner, a public database of IP addresses that helps reveal the
organizations behind anonymous edits on Wikipedia. WikiScanner has been
used to expose the US Central Intelligence Agency’s manipulation of pages.
WikiScanner doesn’t yet work for edits by authenticated users. The
WikiScanner team has also developed another tool called Potential Sock
Puppetry, which exposes those who use multiple user accounts from the same
IP address. However, both tools could be circumvented by purchasing
multiple data cards or getting people to work from public access points
such as coffee shops and cyber cafés.

It is this gap the Indian duo’s tool tries to plug. The first version of
their Wiki Analysis tool clusters users into potential lobbies based on
the pages they edit within a date range. The tool’s next version will
cluster users into lobbies based on the words they consistently add and
delete across pages.

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