e-meeting – Dec 15 – Deployment & Operationalization Hub (DO Hub) @InternetSociety #IPv6 #DNSSEC

The Internet Society will hold an e-meeting on 15 December to introduce a new initiative that collects, creates, and promotes detailed deployment information for IPv6, DNSSEC, and other future standards developed by the IETF. The Deployment & Operationalization Hub (DO Hub)* will work with first adopters to collect and create resources that are easy to understand and quickly actionable by the greater operations community, and will actively solicit the larger community for advice on what deployment topics to cover next.

Many Chapter members are among the first adopters of new technologies and may be interested in helping provide deployment information via the new DO Hub initiative. In addition, the information DO Hub collects will be valuable to Chapter members actively seeking to deploy new technologies. DO Hub events will also provide an avenue for Chapter members to meet their colleagues in person.

DO Hub:
· Works with first adopters to collect and create technical resources on new and emerging technologies including IPv6 and DNSSEC
· Provides these resources to network engineers responsible for implementing new technologies in the operations centers of ‘fast following’ networks
· Maintains a web portal with a knowledge base of technical and educational articles and guidelines and best current operational practices
· Conducts Internet ON (ION) conferences to bring together network engineers and leading industry experts
· Speaks and exhibits at numerous conferences and events around the globe
· Maintains social media and public relations campaigns to promote key Internet technologies

Topics we will cover in this e-meeting include:
· Online portal for IPv6, DNSSEC, and other key Internet technology deployments
· ION Conferences
· Future plans for http://www.isoc.org/do
· How you can play a role in the future of this initiative
· Q&A


Session 1: 15 December 2011, 11.30 UTC (0430 EST)
Session 2: 15 December 2011, 20:00 UTC (1500 EST)

Call details are on the ISOC-NY calendar and also at http://isoc.org/wp/chapter-meetings/?p=1753.

If you have any questions in advance email dohub@isoc.org.