INET Philadelphia “Maintaining Trust” Wed. Oct 5 – remote participation details #inetphilly

INET PhiladelphiaThe Internet Society (ISOC) will present an INET Regional Conference on June 14 2011 at the Sheraton Downtown in Philadelphia. The theme is “Maintaining Trust: The Future of Internet Security and Privacy.”. The distinguished line up of speakers will include Google Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf, Internet Child Safety Expert Parry Aftab, and Internet Policy Advisor at the National Institute of Standards and Technology Ari Schwartz.

What: INET Philadelphia
When: Wednesday October 5, 2011: 9am-5pm EDT
Where: Sheraton Downtown, 201 North 17th Street, Philadelphia
Who: ISOC Members $25, Others $50

Hashtag: #inetphilly
Event pages: facebook | Linked In

Remote Participation (free)

Protecting customer, patient, and student information is a critical aspect of doing business in the online environment. Learn from industry experts exactly where Internet security and privacy are headed and what challenges remain on the horizon. In this one-day seminar, we’ll tackle today’s most pressing security and privacy challenges, including:

  • How can organizations maintain the trust of customers, students, and patients while simultaneously keeping data secure and providing an open and service-oriented environment?
  • What are the risks and liabilities of data breaches? How can technologies help prevent them and what should companies do if they experience a data breach?
  • What are the implications of mobility and cloud computing from a security planning perspective? How do businesses protect data in motion in the event of device loss or compromise?

Panelists include Google’s Vinton G. Cerf, vice president and chief Internet evangelist; plus industry experts from Microsoft, PayPal,McAfee, Afilias, Comcast Cable,Temple University, and the FBI.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to network with the thought leaders and policy makers who are designing the global networks of tomorrow and creating the legislation that will safeguard the Internet for the future.

About the Internet Society

The Internet Society (ISOC) is a nonprofit organisation that is built on a network of over 80 local chapters around the world. We are dedicated to ensuring the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of people throughout the world. The Internet Society has organized the INET in cooperation with our Philadelphia Chapter to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education and policy.