#NYPD to monitor #facebook, #twitter, #myspace

NYPDA Daily News story reports the the New York Police Department has formed a ‘Social Media Unit’ to monitor popular services like facebook, myspace, and twitter for crime-related posts. From the story:

Newly named Assistant Commissioner Kevin O’Connor … has been put in charge of the new juvenile justice unit. He and his staff will mine social media, looking for info about troublesome house parties, gang showdowns and other potential mayhem, sources said.


O’Connor’s new unit will operate under the Community Affairs Bureau; it will also handle outreach programs, with its mandate going beyond the Net.

Still, the 23-year veteran is known for his success in online policing, including stings to catch predator pervs looking for sex with underage victims.

And he was credited in his former assignment with a Manhattan North gang unit for providing critical information in a number of shooting cases gleaned from online boasting. O’Connor, who could not be reached for comment, was promoted to his new position from lieutenant – a highly unusual stepup in rank.