#FCC calls for nominations to Open Internet Advisory Committee #OIAC #netneutrality #broadband

FCCThe FCC is seeking nominations for membership on its Open Internet Advisory Committee (OIAC), established pursuant to the Commission’s net neutrality order aka Order on Preserving the Open Internet.

The FCC envisions an OIAC comprised of

“consumer advocates; Internet engineering experts; content, application, and service providers; network equipment and end-user device manufacturers and suppliers; investors; broadband service providers;” and others

The OIAC’s mission will be to

observe market developments regarding the freedom and openness of the Internet and focus in particular on issues addressed in the FCC’s Open Internet rules, such as transparency, reasonable network management practices, differences in treatment of fixed and mobile broadband services, specialized services, technical standards, and the state of competition.”

Further the FCC will rule out egregious conflicts of interest:

In addition, all applicants are advised that the Commission adheres to the President’s policy, as announced in his memorandum of June 18, 2010, “Lobbyists on Agency Boards and Commissions,” prohibiting federally registered lobbyists from serving on federal agencies’ advisory boards and committees. Registered lobbyists are thus ineligible to serve as members or representatives of members of the OIAC.

Deadline for nominations is September 1, 2011.