FCC’s Mignon Clyburn speaks out against muni-fiber prohibition #fcc #muni #broadband

Mignon ClyburnAs North Carolina contemplates its “Level Playing Field/Local Gov’t Competition” act aka H129. FCC Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn has issued a statement strongly condemning H129, and similar anti muni-broadband legislation around the country. Describing the bill as a a significant barrier to broadband deployment Clyburn says:

“The National Broadband Plan recommended that Congress clarify that State, regional, and local governments should not be restricted from building their own broadband networks. When providers cannot meet the needs of local communities, the Plan provides that State, regional, and local entities should be able to respond accordingly, as they were able to do when municipal governments distributed electricity to thousands of rural communities during the 20th Century. Unfortunately, this National Broadband Plan recommendation continues to be ignored by some broadband industry members that are encouraging these misguided efforts.”