ICANN North America At-Large Organization meeting 12/14/09 – report

I attended the 12/14 NARALO meeting on behalf of ISOC-NY.

1. The Special Trademark Issues (STI) Review Team has issued it’s recommendations. This is a follow up to the earlier IRT proposals that were discussed at sessions like the one in NYC earlier in the year. The lack of consensus there led to the STI process which indeed has succeeded in ironing out many differences. The At-Large nevertheless has quibbles detailed here.

2. Outreach at conferences was discussed. A small number of conferences, including the Nonprofit Technology Network, has been targeted. Funds will be applied for. A brochure is needed. A brochure working group was formed. Examples are the current EURALO and At-Large brochures.

3.Theresa Swineheart gave a presentation on the newly forged ICANN Draft Strategic Plan 2010 – 2013. There is a 45 day comment period closing Jan 21 2010. There is also a survey. Feel free to also reply to this post with any comments. The reccomendations will be voted on by the GNSO Council on Thurs Dec 17.