WEBCAST APR 22 – BSidesNYC 2023

ISOC LIVEOn Saturday 22 April 2023 the BSidesNYC Conference will convene at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC. BSidesNYC is an Information / Security conference that is 100% volunteer organized.

The event’s primary track will be livestreamed by the Internet Society New York Chapter.


09:00 Opening Remarks
Huxley Barbee,  Security Evangelist
Shweta Jain, Professor, Director of D4CS, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
09:20 Keynote
Lance James, CEO, Unit 2221b
10:00 Low Code High Risk: Enterprise Domination via Low Code Abuse
Michael Bargury, CTO, Zenity
11:00 xIoT Hacking Demonstrations & Strategies to Disappoint Bad Actors
Brian Contos, Chief Strategy Officer, Sevco Security
12:00 Pen Testing for NOT Dummies
Alex Holden, CISO, Hold Security LLC
14:00 Hacking Serverless Applications: A Treasure Map for Uncharted Waters
Matteo Rosi, Researcher, Contrast Security
15:00 Infrastructure as Remote Code Execution: How to abuse Terraform to elevate access
Michael McCabe, President, Cloud Security Partners
16:00 Save the Environment (Variable): Hijacking Legitimate Applications with a Minimal Footprint
Wietze Beukema
17:00 A few tricks to Anonymizing your Red Team
Patrick Matthews
18:00 Closing Remarks
Huxley Barbee, Security Evangelist

LIVESTREAM http://livestream.com/internetsociety/bsidesnyc2023

Secondary tracks will be recorded for later publication.
FULL SCHEDULE https://bsidesnyc.org/schedule/

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