FCC Deployment Workshop Webinar Thursday 12/10 1pm

As part of the FCC’s development of the National Broadband Plan, the Commission requested two independent studies, one from Harvard’s Berkman Center on the existing studies about broadband deployment throughout the world, and the other from CITI on projected deployment of new and upgraded broadband networks. The CITI report, “Broadband in America: Where It Is and Where It is Going,” is authored by Bob Atkinson, Director of Policy Research, and Ivy Schultz, Manager of Research.

On December 10, the FCC will hold a workshop in the Commission Meeting Room where the authors of the two studies will provide an overview of their findings. The review of the Berkman report will start at 1:00pm, and CITI’s report start at about 1:45pm.

More information and registration details can be found here.

The Berkman Report

Download here

The CITI report

Download: report | appendices