RESTREAM: NYC Mesh Org Meetup – June 2019 @nycmesh #communitynetworks #switchiton

livestreamToday, Wednesday June 12 2019 at 12pm EDT (16:00 UTC) the Internet Society Livestream Channel will restream the NYC Mesh Org Meetup on June 11 2019, held at Adobe’s NYC office. Volunteers presented updates on 1) Supernode 3, now operational in West Brooklyn, 2) a large bandwidth donation 3) financial issues, including the cost of installs, donation structure, and the need for fresh funding 4) progress on developing an independent sustainable organizational entity, and 5) node map design on the NYC Mesh website.

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NYC Mesh is a community-owned decentralized mesh network for NYC. It is for both local use and access to the internet.

NYC Mesh is a project of the Internet Society New York Chapter

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