WEBCAST TUE-THU: Africa Peering and Interconnection Forum 2017 (AfPIF) live from Capetown, South Africa #afpif2018 #iWeek2018

livestreamThe 9th Africa Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF) takes place from 21-23 August, 2018 in Capetown, South Africa. The event, which this year is being held in conjunction with iWeek, discusses regional interconnection dynamics and content issues that are critical components of transit deficits. As a multi-stakeholder forum, AfPIF seeks to foster cross-border interconnection opportunities by ensuring that key players — infrastructure providers, Internet service providers (ISPs), IXPs, international financial institutions, and policy-makers and regulators are present at the event. The event is being streamed live via the Internet Society livestream channel. Capetown time is UTC+2 thus 6 hours ahead of NYC.

What: Africa Peering and Interconnection Forum 2018
Where: Westin Hôtel, Capetown, South Africa
When: 21-23 August, 2018
Program: https://www.afpif.org/afpif2018/agenda/
Webcast: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/afpif2018/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ISOCAfrica/
Twitter: #AfPIF2018 http://bit.ly/afpif2018