@IQ2US Live Debate tonight: “Preserve #NetNeutrality: All Data Is Created Equal” w/ @nickgillespie @MitchellBaker @tewheels & Michael Katz

livestreamTonight, Tuesday April 17 2018 at 7:30pm EDT (23:30 UTC) IntelligenceSquaredUS will host a debate “Preserve Net Neutrality: All Data Is Created Equal” in Chicago IL. Arguing for the motion will be Mitchell Baker, Chairwoman, Mozilla Foundation & Mozilla Corporation and Tom Wheeler, Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School and Former Chairman, FCC. Arguing against will be Nick Gillespie, Editor at Large, Reason and Michael Katz, Professor, Berkeley & Former Chief Economist, FCC. It will be streamed online. The result will be decided by a comparison of votes before and after the arguments.

Twitter: @IQ2US + #NetNeutrality