VIDEO: @Facebook After Cambridge Analytica: What Should We Do Now? @OTI w/ @TMcSweenyFTC @cnonnaholland8 @MichelleDeMooy @harlanyu @kevinbankston #FacebookafterCA

Open Technology InstituteEarlier today, Thursday April 5 2018, the Open Technology Institute presented a panel Facebook After Cambridge Analytica: What Should We Do Now? in Washington DC. FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny and a panel of experts hashed out initial answers to some critical questions: What should consumers do now to protect themselves? How should regulators like the FTC respond? What should Congress do? What changes should consumers and politicians be demanding of Facebook, and of the rest of the tech sector? What next steps will best protect our privacy and our democracy while also preserving internet openness and innovation? Where do we go from here? Panel: Michelle De Mooy, Director of Privacy and Data, Center for Democracy & Technology; Caroline Holland, Tech Policy Fellow, Mozilla Foundation; Professor David Vladeck, A.B. Chettle Chair in Civil Procedure, Georgetown Law; Harlan Yu, Executive Director, Upturn. Moderator: Kevin Bankston, Director, New America’s Open Technology Institute. The event was webcast live via YouTube.

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