Has Divestiture Worked? – event @ NYU – Fri Mar 6

ISOC-NY in conjunction with the Open Infrastructure Alliance (OIA) is presenting
Has Divestiture Worked? A 25th Anniversary Assessment of the Breakup of AT&T
– a symposium that marks the quarter-centennial of the sundering of Ma Bell.

LOCATION: New York University, Warren Weaver Hall (251 Mercer), Room 109
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In its latest Community podcast interviews Dana Spiegel and Laura Forlano from NYCwireless to hear more about their mission and projects. They look at how NYCwireless is working to bring the internet to everyone in New York City, both in and outside of their apartments. By “lighting up” public parks with free wi-fi access, the organization is helping New Yorkers to connect outdoors–and encouraging a new community of users while they’re at it. They also explore the challenges they face as they strive to make internet access an accepted public service.

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ICANN votes to add new TLD’s

ICANN The ICANN board voted unanimously on Thursday to approve plans to add more generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) to the Internet’s naming system. They also voted to put on a fast track the implementation of a limited number of Internationalized (non-ASCII) country code TLDs (IDN ccTLDs). The vote is the result of a Policy Development process that was initiated in 2005. Final implementation proposals will be presented to the board in Cairo in December.

Transcripts of the ICANN board’s discussion prior to the vote can be found on the ISOC-NY wiki Continue reading is launched at PDF Forum At the Personal Democracy Forum this week FCC Commissioner Michael Adelstein announced the formation of – a new coalition to advocate universal Internet access in the United States. Headed by Free Press, the coalition involves many and varied organizations including the ACLU and Google. Individuals are also welcome to join.

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Supreme Court to review case of independent ISP vs. AT&T

US Supreme CourtThere’s been some discussion on the ISOC-NY discuss list as to whether a free market solution or government initiatives are best way to improve broadband access in the U.S. Part of that discussion is the question as to whether there actually has been an open and competitive market for broadband services.

A case where an independent ISP, Linkline Communications, alleged that AT&T charged excessive access fees that prevented them from competing in the broadband market will now be reviewed by the Supreme Court. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco had ruled against AT&T but the Bush Administration’s Office of U.S. Solicitor General sided with AT&T, maintaining that federal antitrust laws don’t cover the LinkLine claims. Continue reading

ICANN 32 – Paris – Jun 22-26 2008

ICANN Paris The 32nd ICANN general meeting is taking place this week in Paris, France. There appears to be no webcast. The best way to keep up is possibly via the Wiki updates.

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    Paris ICANN meeting to discuss reform of representative structure

    Some reforms may be made at the the upcoming Paris meeting of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) on June 23 – 28 which could greatly improve ICANN’s representative structure. In a nutshell, representation of noncommercial users (public interest groups, NGOs, and individuals of a public interest bent) will be increased from its current 14%, possibly to 25% or one-third. This will also involve a change in the nature of noncommercial interest representation in ICANN.

    ICANN’s Noncommercial Users Constituency (NCUC) is inviting all civil society organizations with an interest in the Internet and its global governance to be aware of this and take advantage of it.

    The Internet Society of New York is a member of the NCUC and has also applied to become an At-Large Structure (ALS), which participates in the appointment of members of the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC). Continue reading

    Why Tiered Broadband Is the Enemy of Innovation

    Om Malik Om Malik, in a GigaOm article last week, suggests that, while newly introduced tiered broadband pricing schemes appear to be a pre-emptive strike on the future of video-on-demand, they will, by stifling new innovative applications – throwing the baby out with bathwater, as he puts it – ultimately become a self-inflicted wound for the network operators.
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