Lynn St. Amour interviewed at ITU Telecom World

lsa_itu Interviewed at ITU Telecom World 2009, Lynn St. Amour, President and CEO of the Internet Society, explains to Ian Scales why, despite some telco claims to the contrary, the Internet model is not ‘broken’ and needs no radical surgery to keep it relevant and technically fit for purpose. Those who want to change the fundamental Internet rules need to re-think their approach and ‘lean in’ to support and prosper from its open development environment.
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Vint Cerf KZSU interview

Vint Cerf & Robert Harrison On Nov 11 2008, Stanford campus radio personality Robert Harrison interviewed Vint Cerf on his KZSU program “Entitled Opinions (about Life and Literature)”. Vint recalls his youth as a Stanford undergraduate before describing the genesis of the IP/TCP protocol and prognosticating on the Internet’s future, including Google’s role. He also speculates on time travel, infinite longevity via cyborg integration, and other exotic topics.

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In its latest Community podcast interviews Dana Spiegel and Laura Forlano from NYCwireless to hear more about their mission and projects. They look at how NYCwireless is working to bring the internet to everyone in New York City, both in and outside of their apartments. By “lighting up” public parks with free wi-fi access, the organization is helping New Yorkers to connect outdoors–and encouraging a new community of users while they’re at it. They also explore the challenges they face as they strive to make internet access an accepted public service.

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Network World interviews Lynn St. Amour

Not deploying IPv6 threatens Internet, Lynn St. Amour warns

VANCOUVER, B.C. — The Internet has 1.3 billion users, but that’s not enough for Lynn St. Amour. As CEO of the Internet Society, she is expanding the nonprofit group, which promotes development of the Internet globally. St. Amour doubled the group’s staff in 2007 and beefed up its outreach activities in Africa, South America and Asia in her bid to add another billion Internet users worldwide. National Correspondent Carolyn Duffy Marsan sat down with St. Amour this week at a meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force, an ISOC-funded standards group.

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