Video of ICANN gTLD Implementation Consultation NYC

icann logoMembers of ISOC-NY attended ICANN’s gTLD Implementation Consultation session at the Millennium Hotel in NYC last Monday July 13.

ICANN’s Implementation Recommendation Team presented their report on how disputes over trademarks in the new domains be handled. There were also presentations on new developments in DNS security, and scaling the root server system. Attendee’s comments and questions, both oral and written, were solicited.

Some video is after the jump. More will be added. Also find links to related articles etc below.

Implementation Recommendation Team report summary

Brian Beckman – WIPO

Richard Tindal – Demand Media / eNom

Kathy Kleiman – Noncommercial Users Constituency

Jay Sulzberger

Phil Corwin – Internet Commerce Association

Seth Johnson – New Yorkers for Fair Use

Here is audio of the entire IRT Q&A session.

John Berryhill

Three related NY Times articles:

  • A long think piece from Rebecca Mckinnon supporting NCUC positions.
  • Internet News Fears Greet ICANN’s New Plans
  • Richard Sexton response to above article.
  • Robin Gross Is ICANN Accountable to the Global Public Interest?
  • Shortcut to Jay Sulzberger’s comments:
  • Financial Times Dot organisation
  • Go to 55:50 mark in the London IRT Q&A session for justifications for ICANN’s role in trademark protection.
  • At-Large mailing list thread discussing above response.
  • Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond’s summary of the London session
  • 7/20/09 Alex Gakuru Commercial internet monopoly proposed
  • The ICANN video archive of the New York meeting is available in four parts:

    Part I: Run through of the Trademark Protection report produced by the Implementation Recommendation Team
    Part II: Reports from WIPO and eNom on the trademark issue
    Part III: Public feedback and questions from the floor
    Part IV: Malicious conduct panel discussion

    And the archive for the London meeting is also in four parts:

    Part I: Intro and summary of the IRT report on trademark protection
    Part II: WIPO recommendations on trademark protections; eNom reflections on IRT report. Other reflections on IRT report and other suggestions for solutions to trademark issue. Some questions from the floor
    Part III: Public feedback and questions from the floor
    Part IV: Malicious conduct panel discussion

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