Video of NYC Broadband briefing

Diamond Consultants was hired by the New York City Economic Development
Corporation to determine the breadth of the digital divide in New York City
and develop programs and initiatives to provide greater digital inclusion for
all residents. Chris O’Brien, a Partner in Diamond’s Public Sector practice,
detailed Diamond’s findings – and its recommendations for the City’s next
steps – to the NYC Broadband Advisory Committee at City Hall on July 30 2008.
Afterwards members of the Committee and the public made comments.

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  • 7/31/08 People’s Production House City releases draft broadband report
  • City Seeks To Close “Digital Divide” Among Residents
  • (video)

  • 7/30/08 Crain’s Broadband study: 600,000 NYers not connected
  • 7/30/08 NYC Trying To Fill Broadband Black Holes
  • 7/30/08 NY Times Big Divide Found in Internet Access
  • 7/29/08 Computerworld NYC to bypass muni Wi-Fi
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