Remote participation: ISOC Chapter & Members meeting at ICANN 38 – Jun 21 2010

ISOC logoBelow are the details for remote participation in the ISOC Chapter and member meeting on Monday, June 21 at 1.30pm EST.

This meeting will take place at the ICANN 38 meeting in Brussels, and thus ICANN issues may well predominate, but the agenda is open. All ISOC-NY members are welcome to attend.

Details are also available at:

Topic: ISOC Chapters and Members Meeting
Date: Monday, June 21, 2010
Time: 7:30 pm, Central European Time (Brussels, UTC+02:00)
Meeting Number: 920 627 959
Password: chapters0610

To join the meeting online    (Now from iPhones too!)
1. Go to
2. If requested, enter your name and email address.
3. Enter the Meeting Number: 920 627 959 and Password: chapters0610
4. Click “Join”.
5. If the meeting includes a teleconference, follow the instructions that appear on your screen.


AUDIO BRIDGE: After successfully logging in to a WebEx meeting, you need to follow a second step to connect to the audio conference. A popup box gives you the option to connect using a headset – click ‘Use Computer Headset’ followed by ‘Call Using Computer’ to set up the audio call. If you don’t see the popup, you can also connect to the audio conference by selecting menu items ‘Audio’ > ‘Join Audio Conference’.

AUDIO DEVICE: the first time you connect to an audio conference, the Audio Setup Wizard will be displayed. Make sure you select the correct audio device – e.g. if you are using an external USB headset, select that instead of internal audio. You’ll also see options to test and set microphone and speaker sound levels. Note that you can not run the Audio Setup Wizard if you are already connected to a WebEx audio call. If you join a call with the wrong device selected, simply drop off the audio link by selecting menu items ‘Audio’ > ‘Join Audio Conference’ > ‘Leave Audio Conference’, and then run the Audio Setup Wizard by selecting menu items ‘Audio’ > ‘Audio Setup Wizard’.
Join the call again when the settings have been updated.

MUTING YOUR MICROPHONE: by default, your microphone is OPEN. Unlike Marratech, there is no button to push in order to speak. If you want to mute your microphone (and it’s good practice to do so if someone else is presenting), either right click your name in the participant list and select ‘Mute’, or click menu options ‘Audio’ > ‘Volume’ and then check the box marked Mute.

* To join the audio conference only *

Access code: 920 627 959

Global call-in numbers:

Australia Toll          +61-(0)28023-8654
Austria Toll            +43-(0)120-609-1136
Belgium Toll            +32-(0)2200-8428
Denmark Toll            +45-4368-2287
Finland Toll            +358-(0)9725-19396
France Toll             +33-(0)17123-0435
Germany Toll            +49-(0)695007-3858
Hong Kong Toll          +852-3071-5084
Hungary – Budapest Toll +36-(0)1777-9885
Hungary – Outside Budapest Toll +36-(0)61777-9885
Ireland Toll            +353-(0)1656-9027
Italy Toll              +39-(0)029148-3459
Japan Toll              +81-(0)35767-4784
Korea (South) Toll      +82-(0)23483-7306
Malaysia Toll           +60-3620-74369
Netherlands Toll        +31-(0)20206-1621
New Zealand Toll        +64-(0)9912-3586
Norway Toll             +47-2415-9982
Poland Toll             +48-(0)2230-60371
Portugal Toll           +351-2176-16416
Russia (Moscow ONLY) Toll       +7-4992-721619
Singapore Toll          +65-6622-1501
Spain Toll              +34-91275-7065
Sweden Toll             +46-85176-1739
Switzerland Toll        +41-(0)44511-8265
Taiwan Toll             +886-(0)22162-6780
United Kingdom Toll     +44-(0)20-3027-7997
Call-in toll number (US/Canada) +1-408-600-3600

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