NY State endorses BTOP applications, offers matching funds

Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program The office of Governor David A. Paterson has written to the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) to endorse certain local Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) applications. NY State will provide 10% matching funds to any of the listed projects that receive grants. In addition the State has earmarked $7.5m in matching funds for a small number of major infrastructure projects.

The letter.

The State reviewed each of the 74 BTOP applications submitted from within New York State and evaluated them based on how the proposed project advances each of the six strategic goals of our NYS Universal Broadband Strategy. Those goals are to:

  • 1. Provide New Yorkers with access to high-speed, affordable broadband services;
  • 2. Close the digital divide and increases digital literacy levels;
  • 3. Foster economic development;
  • 4. Accelerate the use of e-government services;
  • 5. Increase adoption rates; and
  • 6. Achieve and maintain speed and coverage goals aligned with State and Federal policies to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.

The recommended applications are listed within each of the three NTIA funding categories (Infrastructure, Sustainable Broadband Adoption and Public Computer Centers) based on alignment (highest to lowest) with each of the six strategic goals above.

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