VIDEO: Overhead and Online: Technological Change and Gaps in Global #Governance ‏@elliottschoolgw #ig #drones #brimmer

WebcastOn 23 February 2015 the Elliott School of International Affairs presented Overhead and Online: Technological Change and Gaps in Global Governance. Esther Brimmer, former assistant secretary for international organization affairs at the U.S. Department of State, discussed ways in which new technologies interact with global governance. Innovation and technological change are hallmarks of modern life. Aviation and telecommunications enable people and ideas to cross borders rapidly. Over the course of the last century, governments and other stakeholders developed procedures to manage the flow of these international contacts. Now innovations in aviation and in the reach of the Internet expose gaps in two very different long-standing international arrangements. This year policymakers and shapers will make important choices in these areas. In the 2015 Shapiro Lecture, Professor Brimmer highlighted ways in which new technologies stretch two global governance regimes and suggested steps to bridge the gaps. The event was webcast live on the Internet Society Livestream channel.

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