WEBCAST: ISOC @ IETF – Improving Internet Experience @InternetSociety #IETF87

ISOC @ IETF 87Today, Tuesday July 30 2013 the Internet Society will present a briefing panel at IETF 87 in Berlin, topic: “Improving Internet Experience: All together, now.” As Internet use and user expectations grow, it is natural that network and service providers, as well as software developers, are all looking to provide the best experience possible for their users and customers. However, performance issues (especially those related to transient congestion) tend to have collateral effects. This is a case where local optimization strategies may, in fact, not lead to globally optimal network performance for a given activity. In fact, server or client software developers’ assumptions about network conditions may lead to disastrously wrong choices in managing network traffic if software elsewhere in the network is making different and countervailing assumptions and choices.This panel will explore some of the different approaches being developed, between website, network transport and server developers, their assumptions about network performance and potential collision of strategies. Panelists will also further elaborate existing work in measuring and developing (and deploying!) standards-based transport layer strategies for robustly improving overall performance. Speakers include Stuart Cheshire of Apple, Jason Livingood of Comcast, and Patrick McManus of Mozilla. Internet Society Chief Internet Technology Officer Leslie Daigle will moderate. The session will be webcast live via the Internet Society livestream channel and an audio feed will also be available.

What: Internet Society Briefing Panel @ IETF 87 – “Improving Internet Experience: All together, now.”
Where: InterContinental Hotel, Berlin, Germany
When: Tuesday, 30 July 2013 11:45 am-12:45 pm CEST | 0945-1045 UTC | 0545-0645 EDT
Program: http://www.internetsociety.org/internet-society-briefing-panel-ietf-87
Webcast: https://new.livestream.com/internetsociety/ietf87isocbriefing
Audio stream: http://www.verilan.com/isoc.m3u
Twitter: @InternetSociety