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In February 2017 it was proposed that ISOC-NY begin accepting organizational members, and the fees be used to fund an ISOC-NY Executive Director position. A schedule of fees and terms was drafted.

In May 2017 Shuli Hallak was contracted to fill the Executive Director position. Shuli's one year contract specified a salary of up to $100,000, limited to not exceed the corporate membership fees received.

Also in May 2017, it was proposed to Google they become a Platinum Member, while ISOC-NY undertook a Digital Preservation project.

Google's dues ($20,000) were received on 10/10/2017. $20,000 was paid to Shuli Hallak between 10/17/2018 and 10/19/2019.


At the ISOC NY Board meeting - Aug 13 2018 - a corporate membership committee was formed.

  • Greg Shatan
  • Shuli Hallak
  • Joly MacFie