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This is the wiki for the New York Greater Metropolitan Area chapter of the Internet Society. (more info).


  • Go here for info on how to join isoc-ny.


  • Minutes from ISOC-NY planning meetings are here.

Working Groups /Projects


  • Community - a page for posting links to our friends & colleagues in NYC and internet tech/communities.
  • IPv6 - a collection of resources on the transition to IPv6 addressing
  • ISOC Chapters Wiki - news announcements from ISOC chapters around the world.
  • Accessibility resources - a list of resources on internet accessibility for the disabled.
  • Programming - a list of resources on internet programming.
  • Networking - a list of resources on networking.
  • Recycling - a list of hardware recycling resources
  • Media Production - a list of mostly open-source media production resources
  • Publicity links - a list of media contacts to promote ISOC-NY events



  • ACTA - ACTA bill reference