Minneapolis – a muni Wi-Fi success story

While other big cities’ municipal Wi-Fi plans are foundering, that of Minneapolis appears to be succeeding. With 30% of the city covered already, the provider US Internet expects to complete it’s network by February, and be breaking even shortly after based on the current 5% subscriber take-up rate. Continue reading

BBC admits school Wi-Fi scare program ‘misleading’.

In May 2007, after UK Health Protection Agency head Sir William Stewart had recommended that mobile phone masts should not be sited near schools without consultation with parents and head teachers, the BBC program Panorama reported that radio emissions from a school laptop were 3 times that of a mast located 100 meters distant. After complaints a BBC Editorial Complaint Unit has concluded that the program was ‘misleading‘. Continue reading


Despite EarthLink’s exit from the market, municipal wireless is alive and well in the U.S., mostly in small-to-midsize cities, and it’s beginning to spread to Europe, said Esme Vos, founder of MuniWireless. Vos said the predominant economic model today is for the municipality to guarantee a minimum annual contract for municipal services to provide an economic anchor for the network. It then can sell excess connectivity to businesses and private individuals. Continue reading