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On behalf of all of us at the Internet Society, we thank all our members for their commitment to our shared goals for an accessible, secure, ubiquitous and evolving Internet.  It is through this support and interest that we’ve been successful, for example, elevating global awareness of and commitment to Internet Protocol version 6.0 (IPv6), educating interest groups and governments on Net Neutrality, and supporting local Internet Society Chapters and their volunteer members.

The Internet, nevertheless, is faced with challenges from various quarters of the globe and cyberspace: access is unavailable to millions in the developing world making it ever more difficult to escape lives of poverty and disease; access is denied to whole classes of people as a way to exert political or economic control; malicious intrusions from various interest groups defy new security measures; the balances between safety and freedom, between security and transparency teeter everyday.

This is why we need your strong support.  Only the Internet Society offers a powerful, honest and unbiased voice in support of the Internet for Everyone. Through the work of our chapters, organization members and partners, we speak above the fray, inform the policy and decision makers and watch the Internet environment so that all of us may speak and take action.

Please consider a donation to The Internet Society today, or renew/upgrade to a Sustaining Membership for only $75.00 (you’ll need to log into the ISOC Portal for all changes to membership status).

Your assistance will go directly to assist knowledge sharing, Internet Leadership Development and education, and to promote vital debates such as the Internet access as a basic human right. Become part of the engine that propels the Internet as a vibrant, open platform for human social progress.

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