ISOC Chapters discuss IPv6 transition

ISOC logo On September 22 2009 ISOC Chapters held an E-meeting to discuss two new briefings on IPv6 deployment.

Amongst the conclusions were that, for competitive advantage and business continuity, stakeholders – rather than sitting on their hands waiting for a ‘killer app’ or an IPv4 ‘crisis’ – need to institute a robust policy of factoring IPv6 deployment into network ‘refresh’ cycles. Chapters can help by raising awareness. Governments, in particular, can be prevailed upon to assist the process by leading by example. Addressing is as important as broadband, both are important enablers of innovation and growth.
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ISOC New Delhi minutes posted

ISOC logo The Internet Society has posted the minutes from two meetings held during the recent ICANN event in New Delhi. At the first, the theme was ISOC involvement in ICANN. Topics included chapter involvement in constituencies, the midterm JPA review, and a possible At-Large summit in Paris.. At the second, chapters discussed ISOC’s membership structure and their involvement with OneWebDay, the IGF, and the proposed Internet Bill of Rights. Continue reading