WEBCAST TODAY: #NetNeutrality in Europe: The #BEREC guidelines and beyond. @DiplomacyEdu #theGIP

LivestreamLast Thursday 6 October 2016 the Geneva Internet Platform presented a webinar Net neutrality in Europe: The BEREC guidelines and beyond. Mr Frode Sørensen, Senior Adviser at Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) presented an overview of the recently published Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications set of Guidelines on the Implementation by National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) of European Network Neutrality Rules. The BEREC guidelines are aimed at assisting national regulatory authorities in implementing their net neutrality-related obligations according to the new EU regulations (2015/2120), including by closely monitoring and ensuring ‘compliance with the rules to safeguard equal and non-discriminatory treatment of traffic in the provision of Internet access services and related end-user rights’. The Guidelines were received with enthusiasm by civil society – some of whom see them as a win for net neutrality in the EU – and with a degree of reticence by telecom operators – some of whom argue that most of their concerns have not been taken into account. Regulators say their guidelines have found a balanced solution within the frames set out by the regulation, indicated by the observation that both camps in the debate seem equally (un)happy. Mr Sørensen provided a snapshot of the BEREC’s net neutrality guidelines, and reflected on their effect on commercial practices such as zero rating, traffic management of internet access services, the issue of specialised services, and the innovation and rights of Internet users, as well as questions raised by the participants. An edited version of the webinar will be streamed at 1pm EDT today Monday October 10 2016 on the Internet Society Livestream Channel

What: Net neutrality in Europe: The BEREC guidelines and beyond
When: Monday October 10 2016 1pm EDT (17:00 UTC)
Webcast: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/berec/
Twitter: #berec + #thegip http://bit.ly/2dZn2Cy