WEBINAR RECORDING: The Evolution of the Internet Governance Forum #igf #igf2014 @InternetSociety

ISOCOn Friday 14 February 2014 the Internet Society invited members to attend a webinar – The Evolution of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The Internet Society’s public policy staff shared insights and discussed the IGF, how it works today, the experiences that it has helped us acquire and how it can evolve.

2014 will be a pivotal year for the future of the Internet. The open question is whether there will be an international consensus on the multistakeholder Internet governance model or a shift towards a more intergovernmental model – Markus Kummer, Vice President, Public Policy

The primary topic was an Internet Society proposal that the IGF 1) be transformed into a body that would develop non-binding policy outcomes, and 2) engender a structured policy development process between meetings. A recording is below:

View on YouTube: http://youtu.be/1YCc1A53HdY
Download audio: https://isoc-ny.org/misc/Feb_14_2014_The_Evolution_of_the_Internet_Governance_Forum.mp3
Transcribe on AMARA: http://www.amara.org/en/videos/vruM8qRDnZd5/
Twitter: igf2014