Vint Cerf KZSU interview

Vint Cerf & Robert Harrison On Nov 11 2008, Stanford campus radio personality Robert Harrison interviewed Vint Cerf on his KZSU program “Entitled Opinions (about Life and Literature)”. Vint recalls his youth as a Stanford undergraduate before describing the genesis of the IP/TCP protocol and prognosticating on the Internet’s future, including Google’s role. He also speculates on time travel, infinite longevity via cyborg integration, and other exotic topics.

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ICANN asks the US government to be freed from official control

icann logoThe Internet Corporation for the Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) made the plea in a lengthy report sent to the US Department of Commerce.

The report will be the focus of a meeting to consider ICANN’s progress on objectives the US government set it in preparation for independence. Continue reading

Lynn St Amour to participate in DNS Forum

Lynn St Amour President and CEO of the Internet Society, Lynn St Amour, will join a panel of distinguished speakers in the Royal Society of London, UK, to discuss the naming system which is critical to modern Internet operations.

The discussion “What’s in a name? The History and Future of the Domain Name System” will explore the history and future of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). Continue reading

Kahn & Cerf awarded 2008 Japan Prize

Japan PrizeBob Kahn and Vint Cerf have been awarded the 2008 Japan Prize for Information Communication Theory and Technology for their work “Creation of network architecture and communication protocol for the Internet”.

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