ISOC-NY seeks recommendations for Officers, Board Members

The Internet Society of New York (ISOC-NY) is seeking recommendations for the nomination of Officers and members of the Board of Directors.

The Officers and Board are ultimately responsible for all aspects of the
Internet Society of New York. The following positions will be elected:

Executive Vice-President
Administrative Vice President
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Treasurer
Seven Board Members
Primary and Secondary Liaison to the Noncommercial Users Constituency
(NCUC) of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN). ISOC-NY has also been invited to become an At-Large Structure
(ALS) of ICANN. If this happens the Liaisons would also represent
ISOC-NY in this capacity.

The current Officers and Board Members are:

President: David Solomonoff
Executive Vice President: Trina Semorile
Secretary (acting): Joly MacFie
Treasurer: Joseph Shraibman
Board Member: Veni Markovski

Candidates should have demonstrable involvement in the
Internet, particularly in the areas of standards, public policy or
education. Ideally, candidates should have understanding of technology,
policy, business/finance and economics.

The following qualifications are also highly desirable:

  • Organizational leadership capability
  • General business/financial skills
  • Not-for-profit experience
  • General knowledge of how the Internet works and of Internet related organizations
  • The ability to identify relevant ISOC-NY projects
  • Vision for the role of the Internet Society of New York

ISOC-NY is interested in broadly-based representation on the Board and
seeks to identify candidates from industry, education, not-for-profit or
government. The selection criteria will include current activities,
relevant experience and professional background.

Nominations should be sent to the David Solomonoff at

Anyone may recommend a name for nomination. Nominations should be
submitted no later than January 31, 2008 to ensure due consideration.
Self-nominations, agreed nominations and suggestions are all welcome.

Each nomination should be submitted separately, and should include:

  • the name of the nominated individual
  • contact information for the nominee (including, at minimum, an e-mail address)
  • a brief explanation of why you believe that the nominee should be considered as an ISOC-NY Officer or Board member.

Nominees will be contacted by the current officers and asked to provide further information about their qualifications and about their ability and willingness to serve.

The closing date for nominations has been extended to Mar 3, 2008.

The slate of nominated candidates will be announced on Mar 6, 2008.

Balloting for will begin online on Mar 7, 2008 and continue through the public membership meeting on Thursday,Mar 13, 2008.

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