Audio/Video of AT&T Breakup 25th Anniversary event.

High quality audio and video of last Friday’s Has Divestiture Worked? event @ NYU can now be found below.

How does America get gigabit, open and ubiquitous, broadband telecom infrastructure?

The goal of this conference was to outline the history of the last 25 years, discuss the current market issues, then give a view of the future of broadband and telecom in the US that has been mostly untold in the media. It is a future that leads to ubiquitous, very high speed networks based on an infrastructure that is open to all competitors — giving customers choice, lower prices and new quality products and innovative services. And widely acknowledged as critical for long term economic growth.

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PANEL 1 – Historical perspective
* Bruce Kushnick An overview and leading financial indicators. What happened over the last 25 years?
* Dean Landsman
* Tom Allibone
Consumers: telephony costs and other issues of telephony and broadband.
* Ken Levy Living history, perspective from within FCC during the Break Up!
* Alex Goldman ISP/CLEC industry: regulatory follies over the past decade
* Mark Cooper The Failure of Market Fundamentalism in the Telecom Sector:
How Deregulation Derailed Divestiture or
The Operation was Successful, but the Patient Died

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PANEL 2 – The Present State
* Jonathan Askin The legal/regulatory environment then and now.
* Dave Burstein Broadband market roundup
* Joe Plotkin Small business broadband needs, and surviving as a small competitive provider.
* David Rosen What filmmakers and other creators need to know
* Carl Mayer Privacy and the latest on the wiretapping case

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PANEL 3 – The Future State and Alternative Approaches
* Fred Goldstein The current state of fiber optic networks.
Are new models like Structural Separation needed now?
* Dave Burstein Broadband market roundup
* Dana Spiegel The future of broadband spectrum
* W.Scott McCollough Legally rewiring telecom infrastructure:
What is possible? Divestiture2? Separation?

Speaker bios are here. Thanks to a grant from the Internet Society copies of this are available free to libraries, educators, and other interested individuals. To obtain a copy email Ask for DVD1533.

Event blog:

Fred Goldstein’s draft Structural Separation bill, mentioned after his presentation, is at

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  1. Interesting until that guy suggested “divestiture II”, right after he thoroughly explained why the 1984 divestiture was a miserable failure for the consumer.

  2. There is yet still not enough competition in any area. As a consumer i would like to have more choices than Direct TV in my “area”. When i call (as a consumer) the rep will have to look at its listing to see if my address is located in its “area”. 2 competitors in my area does not produce effective competitive pricing. ATT still is monopolizing internet, and cable.

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