Video of NYC Council webcasting proposal public hearing

Below is video of last week’s public hearing on the proposal to webcast NYC City Council and other municipal meetings. It was informative with first, representatives of the NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) giving the official line, and then, two presentations by commercial vendors. After which Common Cause, the Peoples Production House, and others spoke on behalf of the public interest.

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Witnesses (w/timecodes)

00:04:18 Paul Cosgrave – Comissioner, DoITT
00:20:10 Christopher Long – DoITT
00:32:18 Robert Feldman – Total Webcasting
00:05:12 Chris Rynders – Granicus Inc.
01:16:19 Susan Lerner – Common Cause / NY
01:21:19 Rachael Fauss – Citizen’s Union
01:24:51 Joshua Breitbart – People’s Production House
01:32:29 Joly MacFie – ISOC-NY
01:36:16 Kayza Kleinman – Jewish Community Council for Coney Island

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