Semantic Web Panel Discussion at LinkedData Conference 2008

Semantic Web Panel Discussion at LinkedData Conference 2008 Dawa Riley has posted up her notes of the panel on the Semantic Web at the LinkedData Conference 2008, held last week in NYC.

Topics covered during the panel included:

  • How can we monetize the semantic web?
  • Is the semantic web relevant and ready for what we’re doing today?
  • The importance of interoperability and standards.
  • Barriers to adoption of semantic technologies and how can we encourage adoption of it
  • Practical insights into the semantic web.
  • What technologies and products are available today?
  • Panel Organizers:

    Marco Neumann, New York Semantic Web Meetup


    * Hank Williams, Founder and CEO, Kloudshare
    * Eric Hoffer, Second Integral


    * Sir Tim Berners-Lee, W3C, MIT, inventor of the world wide web.
    * Sergey Chernyshev, CTO, Semantic Communities LLC
    * Dan Connolly, Research Scientist, W3C (tentative)
    * Christine Connors, Global Director, Semantic Technology Solutions, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
    * Taylor Cowan, Emerging Solutions Principal, Sabre Holdings, Travelocity
    * Richard Cyganiak, Reseacher, DERI and Project Leader D2RQ…
    * Nic Fulton PhD, Chief Scientist, Reuters Media
    * Marc Hadfield, President and CTO, Alitora
    * Savas Parastastidis PhD, Architect, Technical Computing, Microsoft Research

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