VIDEO: @SiliconHarlem #MobileLife @MobileWeekNYC w/ @FunkFlex @tiffany_hardin @rodneybwilliams + @GaleMBP

MobileWeek 2014 was a 6-day conference, hackathon, and event series that happened April 12-17 in NYC. The culminating event was a panel – Mobile Life – hosted by Silicon Harlem at MIST on 116th St. that focused on how entertainment can be a mobile rainmaker, and future prospects as wearables and the Internet of Things become manifest. Speakers were Rodney Williams of LISNR, Tiffany Hardin of Gild Creative Group, and Hot97 DJ Funkmaster Flex who runs the successful In Flex We Trust website. Moderators were Silicon Harlem co-founders Clayton Banks and Bruce Lincoln. Special guest speaker was Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer. Video is below.

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