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ISOC-NY Board Meeting - January 2, 2017 @ Civic Hall

1. Attendees

Shulie Halleck - Executive Director, ISOC-NY, Photographs visible Net.

Joly - Born to internet

Joe -

Dave Farber - Observer

Chris Gunderman -

Tom Lowenhaupt - ITP, Concerned about Not as concerned about


Avri Doria (Online) -

Richard Knipel - Wikimedia-NY

Jonathan Askin (on phone) -

Andrea Garcia (Online, from Brazil) -

Reuben - outreach and education is primary interest. curriculem

Stu Reid - New board member. Community technologist since early 1980s.

Greg Shatan -

(for more on candidates see

2. Greg Shatan to chair meeting

3. Election Review - Dave , moved that we accept as posted (get copy of results)

4. Joly nominated positions

Avri stepped down from chapter advisory committee, will stay on

Veni ICANN rep

NYNOG - Chris is active there.

Evan Korth - NYU Liaison

Veni UN


(Get url for AMS system.)

Approved by all.

Next Item Finance from Joseph

23 K in account. NYC MESH has 19k remaining

NYC MESH has 20k Beyond 10k other (supernode $850 recurring expenses per month.)

3K admin grant from ISOC central.

Dave moved to accept report. approved.

2017 Review

Joly would like to list all events we participated in

Membership discussion

Dave B - More members are a general good. How to engage is the issue. 120k membership. 120 or 60 chapters.

Reuben "If there is a lack of engagement amongst our members, perhaps one might poll them to ask what they want and expect from ISOC-NY?"

Joe - Budget should be hit if needed to improve this. Compelling messages should be sent to members.

Joly - Richard says weekly slack meeting.

Dave Farber - Have a debate with a great moderator.

Joly - Organizational members and

Joe - regular meetings?

Joly - monthly. First Monday?

Greg - Membership Committee

February 12 next meeting

This is the user page of Thomas Lowenhaupt, Director, ISOC-NY - Inc.

Collaborative Notes From October 22 "unofficial" meeting of 7 isoc-ny board members

Member of ISOC-NY board or directors attending:

  • David Solomonoff - President
  • Grace Wang - Executive Vice President
  • Joseph Shraibman - Treasurer
  • Richard Knipel
  • Tom Lowenhaupt
  • Jonathan Askin
  • Dave Burstein

The 7 met at Le Pain, Park Avenue South and 33rd Street, from 6-8 PM.

The following report follows the Chatham House Rules (ideas but no names of those presenting them)

Recitation of Current activities

  • Video presentation 154 Events via Live networks 22,056 Followers
  • Joint sponsorships

New Ideas proffered

  • Sponsor Regular Monthly events with an issue focus - support/integration with Techno-Activism Third Mondays
  • Engage with Open Street Map, BetaNYC, and Wikimedia NYC"
  • Focus on financial opportunities - blockchain and kickstarter. These are the powers of New York.
  • Oppose merger of Cablevision and merger of Time Warner.
  • Strive for independence for NYC's Internet resources. Move the TLD server from Virginia to New York.
  • Make .nyc a secure TLD.