net neutrality

Second FCC Net Neutrality hearing announced

FCCThe Federal Communications Commission announced a public En Banc hearing to be held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California on Thursday, April 17, 2008. The Commission will hear from expert panelists regarding broadband network management practices and Internet-related issues. The hearing scheduled at Stanford University is the second such hearing on broadband network management practices and Internet-related issues to be held by the FCC and follows a similar hearing held at Harvard Law School last month. Continue reading

Net Neutrality summit: San Francisco, Jan 26

The University of San Francisco School of Law, Intellectual Property Law Bulletin is sponsoring “The Toll Roads: The Legal and Political Debate Over Network Neutrality,” a symposium to increase awareness about network neutrality, bringing together lawyers, academics, economists, and technologists for a balanced debate on the issue. Panelists include Timothy Wu, Richard Clarke, Lawrence Spiwak, and an attorney from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, among many others. Continue reading


Comcast’s recent efforts to throttle file transfers using the BitTorrent protocol have led, perhaps predictably, to a renewed call for Congress to enact stiff Net neutrality laws.  But even some supporters of new laws–meaning enacting antidiscrimination regulations aimed at broadband providers–are now reluctantly conceding that the proposals that have been circulating in Congress for more than a year may not do much to stop Comcast. Continue reading


Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) plans to introduce legislation in December to set the stage for congressional debate in 2008 on the ability of telecommunications companies to restrict content carried over their wireline and wireless high-speed Internet networks. His network neutrality measure would be part of a multi-pronged effort to shift the issue back into the spotlight. It is expected to include hearings in both chambers. Continue reading