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New York Broadband Advisory Committee

For more info, see NYC Broadband Advisory Committee.

Bronx Public Hearing - Mar 30 2007


NYC Public Broadband Hearing Pt.1

NYC Public Broadband Hearing Pt.2

NYC Public Broadband Hearing Pt.3

NYC Public Broadband Hearing Pt.4


  • Audio of the hearing. mp3
  • Kat Aaron's comments on WBAI mp3


  • Testimony from Gary Axelbank, Director of Public Relations at Monroe College
  • Testimony from Joshua Breitbart, Policy Director for People's Production House (PPH)
  • Testimony from Angel Aracena, M.A., Director of Educational Technology for West Farms Technology & Career Center, Bronx
  • Testimony from Seth Johnson, Coordinator, Dynamic Platform Standards Project
  • Testimony from Andrew Gallagher, Public school teacher from the Bronx
  • Testimony from Kayza Kleinman,Director, Nonprofit Helpdesk, Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island