Meeting - Sep 15 2005

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ISOC-NY public meeting - Thursday, September 15, 2005


  • Trina Semorile
  • Dovlet Saparli
  • David Solomonoff


1. The October 5 debate between the mayoral candidates was discussed. The two remaining candidates will be recontacted now that the primaries are over. Gail Brewer will be invited to moderate. Dana Spiegel, President of NYCWireless has expressed an interest in participating. Trina was opposed to his moderating, feeling that Gail would be a better choice, but agreed that it would be good if Dana were to help formulate questions for candidates and if NYCWireless were to cosponsor the event. David suggested that Andrew Rasiej be invited to participate in some way and Trina was opposed.

2. The Community Activist event on August 31 was discussed. While there was a good interaction between the participating activists, it was agreed that the attendance could have been better. Trina suggested that one way to improve this would be by planning events farther in advance (which would help in getting better publicity, especially with print publications) and to have events on the same topic on a regular, annual basis. Problems with delays in getting email announcements were discussed as well. David suggested that we consider different mailing list software. He also discussed removing people from the list who are no longer interested and working to get new subscribers who might be more active.

  • Trina is strongly opposed to removing people from mailing lists without their consent.

3. The Knoppix project was discussed. ISOC will be notified about any delays in the production. The need for more participants in the project was discussed. David will provide an outline of the tasks to be completed, send out a call for volunteers via email and then organize a meeting to assign specific tasks. Dovlet asked if the Knoppix software we are developing would be able to run Windows applications. David said that it would not, but that it would be able to read and write to Windows file systems as well as being able to import and export files from most Windows applications.