Meeting - Oct 22 2015

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Several board members met at Le Pain, Park Avenue South and 33rd Street, from 6-8 PM on October 22, to chat about ISOC-NY and the Net.


  • David Solomonoff - President
  • Grace Wang - Executive Vice President
  • Joseph Shraibman - Treasurer
  • Richard Knipel
  • Tom Lowenhaupt
  • Jonathan Askin
  • Dave Burstein


(The following report from the meeting follows the Chatham House Rules (ideas are reported but not the names of those presenting them).

We started with each participant giving a two minute intro. The following mixes ideas raised in those intros as well as the followup discussion.

  • One well prepared participant stated that ISOC-NY should focus on five areas:
    • matchmaking
    • advocacy
    • journalism
    • research and development
    • events
  • Another said outreach and education should be a focus.
  • Someone suggested that ISOC-NY should come up with cheatsheet of things value-added for the .nyc domain, e.g. a role in title insurance. (a clarification would be appreciated)
  • ISOC (including ISOC-NY) does a great job with the video effort - we've done 154 Events via LiveStream and have 22,056 followers there. We should see what we can do to assure its continuation.
  • We should better use our mailing list. We have 3,050 members listed with no policy or regular program of sending info. David, Richard, Grace, and Joly have access to send to the list.
  • We should bring together the various maps/GIS groups. Organizationally, Wikimedia, BetaNYC, Open Street Map, and GISMO might find some comfort under a common umbrella. Also, those involved with data visualization, story telling with maps, students developing maps + data visuals - e.g. cost of electricity, all have a foundation of GIS and the Internet.
  • We should meet more often. There are many place we can have board meeting for free. One member has a list. Also, Baby Castles on 14th Street was mentioned.
  • Other ideas:
    • Sponsor Regular Monthly events with an issue focus
    • New York is a global leader in finance. We should focus on blockchain and kickstarter-like efforts.
    • Oppose the merger of Cablevision and the merger of Time Warner.
  • Regarding the .nyc TLD:
    • Strive for independence for NYC's Internet resources. One way would be to move the TLD registry server from Virginia to New York.
    • Neustar is working on a 5 year city contract to operate .nyc registry, and the contract term is more than half over.
    • Make .nyc a secure TLD - institute the DNSSEC and DANE standards.
  • Unaudited notes from the treasury...
    • We currently spend $18 month for chase bank account
    • $30 month web site
    • $120 year P.O. BOX
    • If we have the opportunity for paid staff, those receiving such will need to put their 1099s on file.