Meeting - Oct 21 2004

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ISOC-NY Public Meeting - Thursday, October 21, 2004


  • Peter Burgess
  • Millard Clements
  • Dafydd Harries
  • Benjamin Mako Hill
  • Lyn Ohira
  • Max Senges
  • Joseph Shraibman
  • Trina Semorile


1. A consideration of how to increase membership. There were suggestions about the web page. Perhaps a way to increase our membership is to develop a more active New York Chapter.

2. A consideration of conducting a survey of new members, more inactive members and perhaps more active members.

  • It was the sense of the discussion that this matter required more analysis.

3. The DC chapter of ISOC would like to the NY Chapter of ISOC to co-sponsor a tour of Washington D.C. during the ITEF meeting in DC.

  • This was discussed but since there was no quorum a decision was not made.
  • It was suggested to consider this matter online.

4. Some possible new activities were called to our attention.

5. ISOC chapters around the world.

  • We are becoming aware of the leaders of ISOC chapters around the world.
  • They have diverse interests and concerns.
  • A mission of ISOC-NY could be to seek to develop relationships with ISOC Chapters in different countries.
  • We could seek to develop relationships with the Puerto Rican Chapter. It is not a foreign country; it is part of the U.S. : Ramon Morales < is the coordinator.
  • We could have video conferences with our colleagues. We could learn about their issues and concerns.
  • The global issues and the ISOC chapter issues could provide a sustainable basis for dealing with critical issues, the Internet and the democratic struggle.
  • In light of the recent election, it seems likely that the democratic struggle will become much more challenging in the years ahead. Perhaps now is the time to connect globally.