Meeting - Nov 25 2008

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ISOC-NY held a public meeting on Nov 25 2008 at NYU.

This was a 1 hour meeting.


  • Joseph Shraibman
  • Joly MacFie
  • David Solomonoff
  • Veni Markovski
  • Tom Lowenhaupt
  • Evan Korth
  • Hannah Kopelman


  • Minutes of Oct meeting yet to be transcribed

Dec Meeting

  • December 16 clashes with Creative Commons salon
  • Meeting will be moved up to Dec 9, subject to confirmation of room.


Event Grant

  • Some expenses are yet to be received/paid, e.g. Lessig.
  • Matt Cooperider owed one month.
  • DVD duplicator ordered.
  • Discussion of possible gifts for speakers
    • Veni - $110 cube clock from Yoya on Hudson and Gandsevoort
    • Joseph suggests Ambient devices - weather clock
    • David wants some isoc-ny branding on the gift if poss.
  • Events to be continued in Spring
  • not all bills have been received but it is estimated that they add up to around the $5000 already received
  • balance should be requested from ISOC.
  • This will involve making a report.

PO Box

  • Check needed - $48. (done)


  • David talks about alternative meeting spaces to NYU.
  • In Spring we won't have the captive audience of the 40 members of Evan's class.
  • Hannah is building a network of contacts - community noticeboards, tech schools, local press etc.
  • Hannah needs at least 2 weeks advance notice.

Possible Topics for events

Internet Censorship

David speaks:

  • Australian government has plan to censor net.
  • FCC plan to introduce censored free WiFi.
  • White spaces & IPv6 may offer alternative modes of access.

Veni adds:

  • France has accepted legislation, contrary to European Commission policy, that users who download 'illegal' content - can be banned from internet access
  • European Council of Ministers on Telecom is due in a couple of days to have a vote on implementing a similar policy.
  • Perhaps external affairs not of such great interest to Americans.
  • Susan Crawford on Obama transition team.
  • Possible event - see when Susan might be free.

White Spaces

  • Implementation given go ahead by FCC
  • 18 months or more before devices appear.
  • Possibility of community networks and mesh.
  • May drive IPv6 adoption.

Last Mile

  • Could we co-operate with "Internet for Everyone" on a Last Mile event?
  • Tim Wu key speaker.

Other events

  • Matt Mason - piracy
  • Robert Bruen - spam
  • Danny Younger & Beau Brendler - ICANN

NYC Council Tech Committee

  • held hearing on webcasting on Oct 29
  • joly spoke, video'd, [ webcast] that meeting
  • strong presentation by Granicus Inc. who already do SF and LA councils.
  • local firm Total Webcasting have 'webcast in a box' solution for remote meetings
  • transcription is subcontracted to local women's group uptown.
  • NY State government is already webcasting many meetings.

Webcasting isoc-ny meetings live

  • David is keen on this.
  • Insufficient resources at present.
  • Would take time to build an audience.
  • Could make current hi-quality on-demand service superfluous while attracting smaller audience.
  • Not totally reliable.
  • Volunteer needed.


  • We have to start doing tables at events.
  • DVDs coming.
  • Pamphlet needed.


  • All Computers and Society lecture series mastered. Two missed.
  • Composite dvd-rom of iPod versions.
  • David is making contacts with Libraries, some of whom may pay.
  • Library of Congress.

Further projects

  • ISOC money is involved for worthwhile projects.
  • We should reach out to other local organizations for co-operative projects.