Meeting - Nov 18 2004

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ISOC-NY Public Meeting - Thursday, November 18, 2004


Millard Clements Lyn Ohira Khrisna Picart Scott Rosen Trina Semorile Joseph Shraibman David Solomonoff


1. The minutes of the October meeting were approved as amended.

  • The sense of the amendment was that the information about WSIS, The World Summit on the Information Society, The Charter of Civil Rights for a Sustainable Society that that were reviewed during the meeting should be included at the end of the minutes in a separate section.

2. Millard was invited to get in touch with Roman Morales who is affiliated with ISOC-Puerto Rico.In a recent e-mail, Roman Morales wrote that he was very interested in making a connection with ISOC-NY.

3. There was a discussion of tonights meeting, the Agenda for the November 18, 2004 meeting of ISOC-New York.

  • The consensus was the focus of attention should be for strategies for the development of new members.
  • Possible issues that might be addressed by meetings, conferences and events were E-Mail security, fishing, Public Education on internet matters related to the changing world of the Internet.
  • A notion was that if we can pick one issue and develop various activities to explore it, we may generate new members. A suggestion was to pick one thing and give it serious attention.
  • Work on a snappy title later.
    • Who is the audience?
    • Elderly People?
    • Who else?
  • The topic phishing seemed to be of general interest.
  • It was suggested that someone should call the Jefferson Library to investigate the possible use of their Meeting Room.( In a recent E-Mail David reported that the Jefferson Library Meeting Room is available by arrangement.)
  • The view was that we should give careful attention to the issue that we decide to Investigate.

4. Joseph reminded us that we should nominate officers in December and then have an election in January.

5. An Agenda for the December meeting:

  1. Nominations for the next slate of officers.
  2. Further consideration of the issue or the issues that should be the focus of attention for ISOC-NY in 2005.
  3. Focus on practical issues of the changing Internet world of today in the U.S.
  4. Focus on global issues illustrated by WSIS, The Charter of the Civil Rights for A Sustainable Knowledge Society, and partnerships with ISOC chapters in distant places.
  • A focus on global issues and critical local security issues may provide a basis for the development of new members and a new active mission for ISOC-NY.