Meeting - May 20 2004

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ISOC-NY Public Meeting, Thursday, May 20, 2004

Persons Attending

  • Millard Clements
  • Roman Glukhoy
  • Lyn Ohira
  • Khrisna Picart
  • Joseph Shraibman
  • David Solompnoff
  • Charlie Thill


1. The minutes of the April meeting were approved.

2. Khrisna suggested that we do not need to select a second representative for the "Free as in EXPO" organizing committee.

3. There was some discussion of the isocny web site. There were some technical suggestions. Khrisna will work on it.

4. There was some consideration of possible links with the isoc-ny web site.

David offered to suggest some possible links. The sense of the discussion was that we all should suggest possible links to relevant web sites.

The suggestion was that we should discuss possible links on the bod list..

5. Joseph called attention to the fact that Sierra Club, New York City Group is participating in a cartridge recycling through Recycle First.

Here is information about Recycle First:

  • Recycle First is a New Hampshire based recycling firm.
  • Recycling First pays $1.00 each for inkjet cartridge.
  • It pays $2.00 for laser cartridges.
  • Recycle First provides postage free envelopes in which to mail cartridges.

If you would like to check out this possibility, here is some relevant information. It may be an easy way to raise funds for not for profit groups such as isoc-ny as we protect the environment from unwisely disposed cartridges.

Recycle First
Contact Information

Phone Numbers

  • Direct: 888.777.7359
  • Fax: 603.516.7333

Headquarters Mailing Address
100 Main Street, Suite 222
Dover, NH 03820

It was the sense of the discussion that we should agree to recycle our cartridges with Recycle First.

6. Lyn made a proposal

She said that we should organize a series of talks on important issues germane to the mission of isoc-ny.

The following issues were mentioned:

  • Freedom and the Internet
  • Voting, e-voting
  • Patents and Standards
  • Internet 2
  • Wireless
  • YouthCaN.
  • Internet and the Arts.
  • Privacy.

Lyn's notion is that each session should have three sorts of speakers:

  • A technical person
  • a politician
  • an informed person relating to the issue.

The sense of the discussion was in support of this proposal. This is what we should be doing. It was suggested that we discuss these issues on the bod list.